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Dave Raglin Priorities


We need a comprehensive strategy where community and government leaders can work together to make significant progress in addressing the housing issue.  Local builders working with non-profit agencies like and proposed legislation for getting state tax incentives to build below-market homes are in the works right now.  Strategic partnerships can help with lower price points for cost effective housing for working class families.    


Our state education system needs compromise and teamwork to achieve a common goal of addressing the educational inequities and shortcomings that we are facing.  As a community, we need to find solutions to addressing our education together and work with the legislature and the governor's office to get permanent funding in place. 


We need to have collective action and shared purpose with this community of ours.  I hear the same message from so many in the community of coming together, and not becoming like the national political scene where we keep dividing each other.   We need to find common ground in our community with one another and foster the history and greatness that makes all of Idaho the self-reliant and persevering state that it is. 

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I need your support to get this done. As one of the few contested races for State Legislature across Idaho, reaching every voter will be more important than ever. Please make a financial contribution to help me carry that message of change for this Primary on May 21, 2024.


For Others, It’s about voting the way an organization tells you too. For Me, It’s about the people of Idaho.

Enthusiastically scaled 38 year transportation delivery, management and logistics professional with value-added growth strategies. A career long community-centric collaborative and idea-sharing human being, that brings ideas and solutions in a complicated world. 

My Mission

We need to find common ground in our community with one another and foster the history and greatness that makes all of Idaho the self-reliant and persevering state that it is. 

Actual Real News from CDA Press to Boise

Just click and read these articles related to why May Matters!  These articles are from actual press, local and state.  Research and be informed of how are states Politics are shaping up.  Do not sit on the sidelines, not for me, but for Idaho. 

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“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

President Ronald Regan

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Together We can Make Something Great!

When I am with my wife and her family, who have lived here all their lives, I hear stories about how it used to be or things they missed. Growth and population are part of the evolution of our human society, we cannot escape that, we need to monitor it, and understand it.   But the culture and foundational roots of Coeur d’ Alene and North Idaho, is why we are all here and it is our identity.  I want to keep it a place that values families, neighbors, and kindness to one another above personal agendas. I want to do my part to be a voice for North Idaho and represent everyone!   


  • Starting out a young age with UPS, gave me the starting tools for understanding, all facets of Transportation, from Truck, Ocean, Air and Rail.  The understanding of Ports, Rail and Highway infrastructure.  Understanding costs and models of transporting manufactured goods across different channels and the sources.  Understanding the Operations and Sales of transportation and working with customers to understand how the supply chain works for everyone.  More importantly, my personnel skills in developing relationships with people and how to manage those aspects.
  • Utilizing my experience with UPS and starting my company, Total Logistics Services, Inc, I was able to use my contacts and partnerships with UPS and various other transportation modes to deliver services to my customers, such as Boeing, Microsoft, International Paper, McKesson Medical.  Operational contracts, Customs Handling for International Shipments, Government Bills of Lading.  Business was from 1998-2012 – Highest year 2003 – 7.5 Million in Gross sales.  As a sub-contractor under Boeing, we moved the TSA as it first started into Airports around the country, from 2001-2004.  My company was tasked with getting the TSA materials to over 200 airports across the country as new security measures came into play and as the TSA grew as a Federal Agency.   
  • BNSF Career – Managing Specific Territories.  Managing a yearly 15–18-million-dollar budget for new constructions and or replacement construction projects.  Working with Cites, Counties along the routes in public safety format with developing Crossing safety, Whistle-protection, Roads, Bridges, and other infrastructure located within the local governments.  Also, in reaching out to form partnerships with the public and government together.  Large ranchers and government with lands that needed easement and relocation across railroad property and to foster relationships with public utilities as to extend their reach to local and rural communities to provide much needed services for residents of these communities. 
  • Take my skills in larger business and convert to a Community that is dear to my heart.  My wife’s business of working with Developmentally Disabled Adults, utilizes my strengths in managing people and or employees and handling the day-to-day business needs. Working the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to foster business relationships with compliance and state laws to give services to those individuals.  Also working within the confines of our weekly calls with the IACP; Idaho Association of Community Providers, with the goal to maximize our effectiveness in interacting with the various public agencies, funding sources, and policy making bodies in Idaho.

Puyallup Main Street Association – Highlights

  • The Puyallup Main Street Association is a 501 (c) 3 charitable nonprofit organization focused on business and community development and historic preservation. The Main Street Program has utilized a public-private partnership of private investment, local government support, and local non-profit assistance to revitalize historic commercial districts.  Working with the City leaders to help improve the downtown business district and amongst local business owners.  Often working with the Mayor and City Council to help foster the cities growth and development.
  • Member and Served on the Economic Committee 1998-2000 and moved to Executive Board 2000-2004.  (I was elected to the Board, from the Local Business owner members.)
  • Attended Conferences and Retreats to gain knowledge and foster relationships with local governments.
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